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RS MaxLiner® System DN 70 up to DN 400

The all-rounder for pipeline rehabilitation

Success with a system – under this motto RS Technik offers the RS MaxLiner® system for trenchless rehabilitation of house connection pipes, collecting pipes and in-house pipes – each with corresponding DIBt approval.The MaxLiner® is a real all-rounder: Thanks to the high-quality epoxy resin system MaxPox®, rehabilitation is safe and flexible, even in bends, dimensional changes and narrow entrances.

With an extensive selection of carrier materials (pipe liners), resin systems and equipment for mixing, inversion and curing technology, we offer contractors the right equipment in all situations – right up to complete vehicle conversion. As a system provider, we are also available to you at all times for training, advanced training and support.

By the way: We have been awarded a Certification as well as a short report on our proof of a leak-free application with the “RS MaxLiner” – a watertight connection to the old pipe is possible without additional connection techniques. The test was specially developed and coordinated with the engineering office Siebert+Knipschild and thus defined as possible verification.


Areas of application of the MaxLiner® system:

House connection pipes
Ground lines
Pipelines inside buildings
Connecting pipes in industrial and commercial enterprises

DIBt approvals

Quality is our top priority: The individual MaxLiner® systems have the corresponding DIBt approvals. The system can be used flexibly and is suitable for nominal diameters from DN 70 to 400 mm – i.e. also in collecting pipes. Special sizes can be supplied on request.

Epoxy resins are regarded as high-quality plastics, which are distinguished above all by their chemical resistance and temperature resistance. Due to the chemical composition and the flexible curing processes (hot water / steam), it also has a good processing quality, which allows the safe rehabilitation of pipelines even with the smallest, one-sided accesses.

RS MaxLiner® | Z-42.3-389 | DN100-200

Carrier materials: RS MaxLiner®Fix, Flex, Flex S, Flex 4D, PU outer hose
Resin systems: RS MaxPox15M-20/40/70/120
Manual mixing or mixing plant

RS MaxLiner® inside buildings | Z-42.3-487 | DN 70-200

Carrier materials: RS Maxliner® Flex S
Resin systems: RS MaxPox 15M-20
Mixing plant

Components with best properties

Low reaction shrinkage, strong adhesion to the old pipe, maximum chemical resistance to waste water and proven good mechanical properties ensure that epoxy resin is the material of choice for house connections.

In addition, compared to other resin systems, no styrene is released during the curing reaction. Odourlessness is an important factor for customers.

RS Technik AG invests heavily in the research and development of effective resins that meet growing sustainability requirements.

We rely on high-quality epoxy resins

EP resins in system comparison (50 = better rating)

Simplified comparison of different resins

Hose liners for RS MaxLiner® System

  • RS MaxLiner® Fix
  • RS MaxLiner® Flex
  • RS MaxLiner® Flex S
  • RS MaxLiner® Flex 4D
  • RS MaxLiner® PVC
  • RS MaxLiner® PU
  • RS MaxLiner® Super Flex
  • RS Calibration hoses, PreLiner

Epoxy resin systems for RS MaxLiner®

  • RS MaxPox® 15M (epoxy resin)
  • RS MaxPox® 20, 40, 70 (hardener)
  • RS MaxPox® Fill A (hardener)
  • RS MaxPox® Fill B 30, 60, 90 (hardener)
  • RS MaxPox® Thermo

The advantages of the MaxLiner® system

Bend mobility
Rehabilitation of up to four dimensional changes
Renovations with an open end
Renovations with difficult accessibility

Do You Have Questions?

Would you like to know more, do you have a specific question about the RS MaxLiner® system or would you like to place an order? We will be happy to help you directly.


Individual RS MaxLiner® expansion types

Devices for the MaxLiner® - System