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RS PolyLiner®

RS PolyLiner®

Reliable system for the rehabilitation of manifolds

The RS PolyLiner® system is a liner technology used worldwide for manifolds with a diameter of DN 200 up to DN 1400 mm. This is a needle felt hose which is impregnated in the factory under controlled conditions with the polyester resin MaxPol® and delivered in a refrigerated transporter to the construction site.

The RS PolyLiner has a DIBt approval (No. Z-42.3-424) and the RAL quality label (S27.1).

The RS PolyLiner® is a powerful system for the rehabilitation of manifolds. High reliability is guaranteed by the impregnation in the factory.

Technical specifications

Diameter range

DN 200 – 1400 mm

Properties of the RS PolyLiner®

Factory wetting of the polyester needle felt hose under controlled conditions with polyester resin MaxPol® (ISO-NPG)

Temperature-controlled delivery to the construction site in a refrigerated truck

Installation of the pre-impregnated liner directly from the vehicle

Liner installation using a hydrostatic water column

Documentation and protocol of the most important mixing and impregnation parameters

Curing by the circulation of hot water

Opening of lateral with RS cutter or robot

Required equipment

Inversion system

Heating unit

Quality control

DIBt-Approval Nr. Z-42.3-424

RAL Quality mark RS PolyLiner® S27.1 (Water)

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