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RS CMU Mixing plant

Air-free mixing

The RS CMU (Controlled Mixing Unit) is a simple mixing system that ensures air-free mixing in the static mixer and an exact mixing ratio.

Technical specifications

Dimension / Weight


L  750 mm
B  480 mm
H  1250 mm


160 kg

Material of the RS CMU

Stainless steel (tank, mechanics)

Aluminium (lid)

Aluminium hard anodiser (pumps, valves), partly galvanised steel

Properties of the RS CMU


Tank level switch, pressure limitation, pneumatics to 8/5 bar, safety operating lever on mixing head, hoses made of resistant material, pressure-resistant, protection against mixing lever maloperation

Tank volume

Tank 1, 60 liters
Tank 2, 30 liters
Tank 3, 15 liters

Flow rate

Approx. 7,5 kg/min/250 g Mixture per double stroke


3 piston dosing pumps, installed as submersible pumps in the tanks. Dual-acting, with pneumatic control seals/O-rings resistant to materials


Pneumatic, volume control via pneumatic stroke preselection counter Operating lever with 3 positions:
Mix – Stop – Circulate. Hardener selector lever for tank 1 or 2 selection.


Preset volume via pneumatic stroke preselection counters


Pneumatic at 5 bar


With Tank-Stop-Mixing function. With 2 limit switches for start.

Mixing Head

For intake from static mixer, with start-stop lever

Do You Have Questions?

Would you like to know more, do you have a specific question about the RS CMU controlled mixing unit or would you like to place an order? We will be happy to help you directly.


Devices and extension variations