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RS Maxliner® 12t

RS MaxLiner® 12t

Our all-rounder for renovation professionals

The RS MaxLiner® system is an established system for the rehabilitation of domestic and underground pipelines. Whether house connection or in-house renovation: The strength of the system is that it is suitable for a variety of applications and features a wide range of nominal diameters (DN 50 to DN 400). We use specially developed epoxy resins for the system, which allow you to remain flexible in terms of temperature resistance, handling and curing.
Typical applications of the RS MaxLiners® include

  • House connection lines
  • Lines inside buildings
  • Gravity Lines
  • Pipelines in industrial and commercial enterprises

The RS MaxLiner® is characterized by its variety of materials and technology, which makes it possible to select a tailor-made solution for every application.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Bend mobility
  • Rehabilitation of up to four dimensional changes
  • Renovations with an open end
  • Renovations with difficult accessibility

For contractors:
We will equip you!

We offer you the complete RS MaxLiner® system for the rehabilitation of domestic and underground lines in a fully equipped vehicle, including:

Equipment and materials for impregnation on site
Vacuum pumps
Air compressors for uniform curing
Cutter to restore the inlets

MaxPox®: Effective protection against corrosion and root penetration

And how long does a pipe renovated with the MaxLiner® last? We have an answer to this question: Since the MaxPox® epoxy resin system and the liner on the inner tube wall form a new tube, there is an airtight, seamless connection. In this way, neither moisture nor water can penetrate – concrete cancer and corrosion are stopped. Thanks to the MaxPox® epoxy resin, the pipe renovated with the RS MaxLiner® system also remains free of root ingrowth. This was demonstrated by the Institute of Plant Biology Basel in laboratory and field trials.

RS LinerGun®

The RS LinerGun® is a lightweight inversion device that can be used flexibly in the rehabilitation of pipes with inversion technology. The device is popular because of its easy handling. The RS LinerGun® is suitable for both open and closed refurbishments.


The RS CCM® is a fully automatic dosing and mixing system that enables the air-free mixing of resin components while optimizing processing time. Another advantage of the RS CCM®: The complete installation process is documented and can be passed on to the client if required.

Do You Have Questions?

Would you like to know more, do you have a specific question about the RS MaxLiner® system or would you like to place an order? We will be happy to help you directly.

Technical specifications

Possible applications of the RS MaxLiner® 12t

Domestic and underground pipes of all kinds from the basement to the sewage system

Pipes are renovated vertically from the roof to the basement

Drainage pipes for garage, garden and forecourt

Lengths of up to 100 m with bends up to 90 ° possible

All types of host pipe materials

Selective renovation of connectors and holes

Installation through existing channels and openings

Diameter range

DN 70 mm to DN 400 mm (3″ bis 16″)

Technical specifications

Resin mixing plant – output: 18 kg / min

Vacuum pump suction capacity: 16 m³ / h

Tanks Capacity: Resin 480 l, Hardener 160 l

Generator power: 5kW

Examples for the individual configuration of the RS Maxliner® 12t

Mixing unit RS CCM® incl. PLC control via Siemens Touch Panel

Inclusive of remote maintenance

Resin mixing plant with PLC system

External vacuum pump V-VTN16 External vacuum pump V-VTN 16 (pumping speed: 16 m³ / h)

Standard mixing head to CCM

Air conditioning system for resin and hardener available

Tanks compliant with machine guidelines

External filling device for tank system – resin 480 l, hardener 160

One progressive cavity pump each for epoxy resin / hardener

Incl. RS Caliber Rolling Table DN 300 / DN 400, electric with drum motors and built-in base including power generator

Other equipment for the RS MaxLiner® 12t

Mobile dosing and mixing unit

Controllable vacuum pump

Calibration roll or Calibration roll table

RS LinerGun® inversion unit or RS LinerCannon® inversion drum

Mobile heating unit such as RS HotBox® or Steam Unit

Milling robot RS-Cutter®

Quality control

RAL-Quality mark S27.10 (Water) & S27.2 (Steam)
DIBt – Approval Z-42.3 – 389
DIBt – Approval Z-42.3 – 454
DIBt – Approval Z-42.3 – 487 [inside buildings]


Depending on the pipe layout, the RS CityLiner® is installed from the drain, from the basement opening or from roof drains. Special liner types and epoxy resins and hardeners are available for the various piping systems.


The liner is cut to the required length and the two components (MaxPox® resin and hardener) are mixed.


With the RS LinerGun® (inversion unit) the soaked liner is installed with compressed air in the damaged pipe. The liner is kept under pressure until the epoxy mixture has cured. Hot water or steam can accelerate the cure.


The epoxy mixture is filled into the liner and evenly distributed in the liner with the calibration roller.


Inlets closed by the liner can be opened with the milling robot RS Cutter.


Devices and extension variations