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General News

RS Technik introduces an universal resin to the market

RS Technik introduces an universal resin to the market

The system provider RS Technik is launching a new epoxy resin system at RO-KA-TECH, which offers contractors maximum flexibility in renovation. Not too liquid, not too tough and applicable for different substrates – these are the properties of the yellow resin MaxPox® Fill. Approval by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for use with different hose liners is imminent.


The new resin completes the successful MaxPox® series from the Swiss company, which has a branch in Bergkamen, Germany. “When choosing the resin system, contractors attach importance to good processing, especially in impregnation,” explains Jürgen Haug, Managing Director for Germany. “Depending on the carrier material, different resins had to be available before now. We have designed MaxPox® Fill in such a way that both needle felt liners and circular knitted fabric liners can be processed excellently”. Maximum flexibility is also called for when it comes to pot life: depending on the curing agent, the processing time is 30, 60 or 90 minutes. With pot lives of 30 and 60 minutes, both hot and cold curing is possible.

MaxPox® Fill has another advantage in addition to its suitability for all substrates: “The resin can be processed in normal mixing plants and is gentle on the technology, because non-abrasive nano fillers have been added,” explains Dr. Susanne Leddig-Bahls, authorized signatory and engineer at IQS Engineering, who oversaw the development of the new resin system.

Laboratory tests confirm suitability

The tests required for approval were carried out in the Siebert + Knipschild laboratory. “Quality is important to us both for the pipe liner systems and for the components. Products whose suitability has been proven by an independent laboratory offer the customer security and create trust. Customers also attach great importance to this,” says Haug.

The desired DIBt certificate is intended for use with the MaxLiner® SuperFlex and MaxLiner® Fix carrier materials – the resin system can also be processed with other carriers after testing.

Quality is continuously monitored

In addition to the suitability test, the DIBt approval also obliges companies to have half-yearly external inspections carried out by a certification body. This involves checking whether the product meets the requirements of the approval at a consistent level of quality.

Epoxy resin systems are the main focus of RS Technik, which supplies companies worldwide with systems and components, particularly in the field of house connection rehabilitation. “High-quality epoxy resins have their price, but they offer considerable advantages,” enthuses Leddig-Bahls. “No odour emission, a connection to the old pipe that is free of infiltration and high dimensional accuracy – users appreciate this”.