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General News

Positive signs of progress

Positive signs of progress

RS Technik is one of the leading suppliers of systems and equipment for home connection rehabilitation and domestic renovation. The Swiss company has been active for more than 25 years, particularly in the German market.  The company meets increased demand from users with continuous system development.

Reviewing the course of events for the next few years: – for RS Technik AG, on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, this turned out to be relatively easy: “We do not have to change much in our work in order to meet the current challenges. Flexibility was always one of our mottos, “says Klaus Müller, Managing Director of the company. In principle, the market continues to be in a strong state of flux, in view of increasingly developed products and the increasing automation of procedures on the construction site. “In these areas, we have continuously developed our products to offer contracting companies modern equipment and smartly equipped vehicles,” says Müller.

The current challenges are the increasing questions about the safety and environmental compatibility of the systems. Müller: “The requirements of clients in areas such as fire protection and health and safety are increasing – and that’s a good thing.”

Quality assurance in focus

RS Technik has been focusing on quality assurance for many years and works with IQS Engineering. Since 2012, there has been a liner test circuit for domestic rehabilitation in order to obtain DIBt approval for the RS MaxLiner® system for refurbishment within buildings. For this system, RS Technik has been awarded the class B2 fire protection certificate. In addition, the DIBt approval has recently been renewed for another five years. “In addition to fire protection, we have also included other aspects as proof of the suitability for domestic renovation, such as the resilience to temperature changes and a connection without water ingress into the old pipe,” said Müller

Epoxy resin system with optimal environmental compatibility

With regard to innovations in the product range, RS Technik wants to promote the further development of existing products. Müller: “We have recently optimized our MaxPox® epoxy resin system to meet the growing demands of users in relation to environmental compatibility and in terms of odor emissions.”

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A further innovation relates not to the products, but to the external presentation of the company. Amongst other things, RS Technik has completely redesigned its website in order to be more visible and approachable online as a partner for contracting companies in German-speaking countries. All contact persons are listed there, including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (